Super chill minimalist WordPress themes

I wanted Big Idea Blogger to be pretty relaxed. Let the focus be on the ideas, on the content. So off I trotted around the internet looking for the most minimalist themes I could find.

Problem the first, my definition of minimalist is clearly out of step with the rest of the internet. This is the sort of suggestion I was getting.

Colorlib has better choices, twice over.


Zen Habits has the most super minimal theme ever, freely available to download. I wanted a little more than that, just a little. Images, mostly.

I looked at Ghost as the CMS for the blog and it is very lovely. But I am committed to WordPress in all things now, so that was not going to happen. Instead I checked out Casper, a port of the Ghost version of the theme. Too much image.

Hexo looked very lovely but when I ran into an issue with the header I decided minimalism should also apply to how much messing around I needed to do.

And because sometimes the world is a funny place I landed on Counter, which is technically a theme for catering websites. Though how one decides on these things I do not know.

Not promising it will remain this way, and yes I will be doing some tinkering in a non-minimalist application of effort.

But I am feeling super chill about it.