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Find fans, create communities, and build your business

Inspiring people gets them signed up to your cause. Simon Sinek says to start with why. That's how you attract your true believers.

How do you make those connections? With blogging. Find a blogger who cares about your success and about your cause. Who has a unique take on your goal and can help get you there faster.

Your platform

There’s always some hot new social network that is blowing up, until it’s blowing over. With blogging you can build your own platform on your own terms.

Your message

While you are in the trenches building your business and bringing your big idea to life it can be hard to get clarity on your message. Let me help.

Gets results

The data shows blogging gets results. The implementation, on the other hand, can be overwhelming. Get experienced help with all things blogging.

Content is key

Blogging and email are alive and well. Pulling them off in an authentic way is another matter. There's a delicate balance between informative and boring.

Blogging that works for you

A WordPress developer wants to find a bigger audience for his unique WordPress themes and plugins >>> I write value-packed tutorials, resources and features to demystify the work and show how the products can be used practically for massive success.

An entrepreneur with healthcare products wants to raise awareness of a difficult medical condition and show how he can help >>> I write accessible blog posts breaking down complex scientific work and medical research, with lots of guest blogging to spread the word.

A mother starts a publishing company releasing workbooks for schoolchildren who are visual learners, have dyslexia or special educational needs >>> I produce blog posts that explore key concepts and give parents the confidence to take more of a role in their child’s education.

A university lecturer and researcher wants to raise his profile and share his work >>> I write long, deep blog posts based on his papers and ghostwrite a series of opinion pieces for Times Higher Education.

There are no cookie-cutter packages here. Everyone gets an in-depth content audit and a comprehensive content plan. Perfectly suited to you and your message.

Break through the cynicism and mistrust that have never been more prevalent online.

Avoid the clickbait with genuine, in-depth blog posts that inform, educate, entertain, and inspire.

I'm Frances

A professional blogger for over six years. I've written blogs, guest posts, and articles that have made connections for my clients, built social followings, and even earned mainstream press attention.

And you are?

I work with innovative and exciting companies that have a big vision they want to share with the world. From charities championing a cause, to new products and services making a stir.

Let's talk

Email me on or pop your name and email in the form below. I'll be back in touch with you in a jiffy. I can't wait to hear all about your big idea.

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